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Kingstrack Tracking System

Kingstrack is a renowned GPS tracking provider, that provides internet based access to live vehicle tracking and asset management. We successfully track 5000+ vehicles for 100+ clients locally & internationally. We provide various tracking solutions such as Vehicle Tracking, Students Tracking, Sales & Service Professional Tracking, Personal Tracking and Centralized Remote Monitoring & Control. We manufacture our own tracking hardware. We provide unparalled support and after sales service.

With our clients spread across the world and Kingstrack being strategically located in India, the organization provides services to both individuals and fleet managers Of Big Corporations.

Kingstrack has the widest coverage area with the highest reliability of any GPS tracking product in the market. The organization reaches to any and every part of the world and provides high quality service from one point of the globe.

  • Vehicle Safety
  • Fuel Anti-Theft
  • Fuel cost decreased
  • Loved Ones Safety
  • Efficiency among fleet
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts