To improve the efficiency of the business, it very essential to know about your employees and the sales they generate. Kingstrack with this solution helps you in knowing the attendance of your employees, location and duration spent by your employees at the workplace with a geo tag facility. Alerts and reports are made available to suit your business and improve the same.

Uplifting Businesses

Kingstrack keeps you updated with reliable information on the location, activity and mobile inventory of your assets.

Benefiting Management

Kingstrack increases the productivity of employees and your business performance by 25% and reduce business complaints by 30%.

Customer Satisfaction

The truth is to ensure on-time delivery, you need an advanced tracking system. Don’t ignore the truth! Come to us to make us serve you the best!

On-Time Delivery

Without making you wait for a minute, our products are designed to respond to your request instantaneously.

Customer Support

Every customer is taken care with utmost responsibilities until their brimful satisfaction. We never back down and happy to serve with full support. .


We value the value you associate for your money and with our services, we ensure you reap the fruits of your investment in our technologies.

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